MOVING IMAGES 2010 Summer Summit Value video 2010 Summer Sales Summit Value Video (3:11)
made for:

This motion grahic piece was screened before the keynote address to the Sales team. The subject of the keynote was Value. The content was edited by the Sales Summit staff. Created on Final Cut Pro and LiveType. Music: "Electrobank" by The Chemical Brothers.

Quicktime video (.mov) 25.1 MB


MyDealerCenter Launch video MyDealeCenter Infomercial (4:17)
made for:

This training demo/infomercial spoof was created to familiarize viewers to the updated features in the main back-end tool for dealer customers. Co-wrote, directed and edited video. Created on Final Cut Pro and LiveType. Opening music: "Never Seeing the Ground for the Sky" by Sloan.

YouTube link (recommended)
Quicktime video (.mov) 36 MB


Leadership Development Program video Leadership Development Program Video (3:11)
made for:

This short video was made for recruitment purposes. Created on Final Cut Pro and LiveType.

Windows Media video (.wmv) 11.1 MB



Magnaflux video (:15)
client: Magnaflux

3D animation created in Maya. Designed to be the introduction to a sales/marketing video produced for Magnaflux. I was responsible for modelling, animating, lighting & directing this introduction.

Low-Res Quicktime (.mov) 1 MB
Hi-Res Quicktime (.mov) 6.3 MB



Website Intro Animation (:30)
client: Sonoma Construction, LLC.

Web animation created in Flash as an introduction to Sonoma's website. Hired by the web designer, I was responsible for the animated intro only.

Play Flash animation 66 KB